Refund Policy

This store sells digital goods, its return policy is different from the policies of stores, selling physical goods


MangoPreme is seasonal product. You, the customer, purchase a license for either 60€, a "seasonal" license or for 1€, a "weekly" license.
The seasonal aspect of our product refers to the time, while Supreme New-York (the website our software targets) is releasing its products to the public. This can either be Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter, a time of about 17-20 weeks each season of a year, where new products are released each Thursday.

If you purchase our product, costing 60€, you gain access to our software until the end of the current season. The duration of your license's validity is dependent on the point of time you purchase our product.
If you purchase a "weekly" license key, your license will only cost 1€ and you have access to our software, 7 days after the date you purchased it. Once that time is up, your license key will be terminated automatically. Yet, you have the ability, if you share your success with our software, to upgrade your license key to a seasonal one.

If your license key has expired (once a season has ended, this happens automatically), it is your obligation to renew it yourself. MangoPreme is no subscription based service and no money will be taken from us automatically after your purchase was made. (Renewing your license costs the same as purchasing a new seasonal key.)

As this is a digital product, all orders are final, no refunds are accepted. By purchasing this product, you (the buyer) acknowledge that any attempt to dispute or refute these charge(s) is a deliberate act of fraud.

If we notice that you requested a refund through your card issuer, your license key will be terminated immediately and your details will be blacklisted for any future purchases.

Last update: 12th Janurary 2021