MangoPreme The most advanced Chrome extension for Supreme. Currently sold out Available at €34.99/Season.
Destroy Supreme drops A Supreme Bot, developed and hosted by MangoSolutions. A company, knowing its craft and understanding, how the markets works. Through our knowledge and experience, we aim to deliver the best running and working Supreme Bot available. Allowing you to cop from anywhere in the world on a Chrome browser. 5,000 + Checkouts
Features A brief summary of the bot's major features. There are a lot more unique features, such as multi carting or Discord webhook support, clearly setting the bot apart from its competition. The bot can be used on any operating system supporting Google Chrome !
Performance Performance Setting up with a few clicks, loading cloud saved settings easily. MangoPreme makes a setup the most convenient and uncomplicated process, ever.
speed Speed The fastest Chrome extension bot on the market, period. With average speeds of 3s per checkout.
scalability Scalability By default the bot comes with 5 activations. Meaning you can use the bot simultaneously on 5 devices at the same time.
dashboard Dashboard As the first of its kind, MangoPreme allows its users to view their success history or deactivate machine bindings. From anywhere.
guidance Guidance On a weekly basis an in depth guide is provided, including recommendations on what to buy and how to set up properly.
community Community Within our Discord server first class 24/7 support is provided and a friendly community will welcome new members.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does MangoPreme cost?
MangoPreme is priced at a seasonal fee of 60€. Your license key will be “paused” automatically once the Supreme season is over. After that you can renew at any time of the new season again (60€).
What operating system do I need to run MangoPreme?
Running MangoPreme is not bound to any operating system. It is compatible with any OS that supports Google Chrome.
When is the next restock?
Currently we do not have any set date planned for a restock. Our restocks will always be announced via Twitter, follow the account to receive the latest information.
What stores does MangoPreme support?
MangoPreme solely supports Supreme (all regions, EU, US and JP), the software does not work with any other e-commerce platform.
What countries does MangoPreme support?
MangoPreme supports all European countries Supreme ships its items to, USA and Canada and Japan.